Tuesday, January 18, 2011

S.O.U.L. Cafe

Spice of Urban Life (SOUL) Cafe
Camp One, Rosario
(beside Shell, near entry to Kennon Road)
La Union

So this place is not in Baguio at all. However, I just want to honor this place in this post because of their delightful pesto pasta. And of course, it's at the foot of Kennon Road.

I'm a fan of pesto and i absolutely loved their version. The presentation (and my phone camera) does (do) not give justice to the flavor of fresh basil in olive oil mixed with pasta cooked just right. I cannot stress loving it enough. It is very reasonably priced at P120 (or so I remember).

I cannot remember the taste of their brewed coffee. It was not so remarkable i guess (or maybe relative to my pasta).

Thanks to the brownout, which stopped the operations of nearby Chowking, one sunny day. I've discovered another place of joy.

There's a quaint feel to the place itself with native decor mixed with the feel of hominess. Go have a look at the ladies' restroom and there's even a view right there with half of the wall in glass; but nothing to worry about because the place overlooks a cliff.

And for the personal touch, there's a nice little note on my plate, which my childlike heart adored for sure.

Remember, if Christmas isn't found in your heart,
you won't find it under the tree either.

So if you have time, do drop by this cafe for a meal or a quick bite before you go up the city of pines.

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