Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Red Orange

Assumption Road
(a few steps from Session Road)
Baguio City

I just had lunch at Red Orange with the handsome hubby. The verdict: he was happy; I was not.

Red Orange is located across Mandarin Restaurant and behind a shoestore in Session Road (which, if I am not mistaken is Zenco Footstep). Their specialties in the menu are pizza and pasta. Although their interior is a bit dark for my taste, the chairs and tables are comfy enough. Service is good and waiting time is normal (except that we went there before 12). Serving size is okay but their prices are relatively higher than other Baguio restaurants.

Their Chef's Baby Back Ribs is the only item in their menu with the note "Must try". Hubby had it for PHP240.00. It went with a serving of vegetable island with thousand island dressing. It was indeed a winner.

He was glad he chose it. I'm not a big fan of barbeque flavor though (except barbeque from Caba and barbeque flavored chips).

I had Shell Pesto Pasta at PHP195.00. The mussels and clams were fresh. However, the pasta dish could have tasted far better had the shellfish been drained first. My pasta was literally swimming in shellfish broth. It kind of drowned the basil flavor. Well, it was fine because i finished most of it in the end. (That or i'm just too thrifty to put the food to waste.)

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